Leverage business-critical hyperconverged capabilities via monthly payments

Drive HCI transformation with preconfigured bundles tailored to your workloads

Pay-as-you-Go ThinkAgile VX as a Service

Lenovo’s Intel® powered ThinkAgile VX is available as a service, enabling you to leverage its many capabilities as and when needed via a flexible OPEX model of monthly payments.

You can choose from four preconfigured yet customizable vSAN bundles tailored to your workload needs, including Entry Hybrid.

Cloud Lifecycle Services

Translating your Hybrid Cloud needs into real-world execution

By taking into account your unique business opportunities and challenges, the Hybrid Cloud experts of Lenovo Cloud Lifecycle Services help you define your cloud vision and build the right cloud environment for your company.

Our interactive white-boarding workshops fit around your schedule to help you navigate options and choose appropriate paths to achieving your evolving business goals.

Empowering your journey to smooth modernization via the ThinkAgile VX Series

Running your compute, networking and storage on legacy infrastructure leads to wasted time connecting hardware, validating compatibilities, or configuring complex modifications.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) brings it all together under single platform management – and although the upfront capital required has previously ensured only large enterprises could afford it, you can now access its many capabilities via flexible OPEX payments.


Drive HCI transformation with preconfigured workload bundles

Combining the ThinkAgile VX platform with VMware vSAN, Lenovo’s Intel® powered ThinkAgile VX as a Service gives you a choice of four pretested solutions tailored to your workload requirements.

Ensuring operational simplicity by utilizing existing tools and skillsets, each remains fully customizable, enabling you to add extra VMware or Lenovo innovations as needed.


Affordable hyperconverged architecture that comes with invaluable extras

Bringing all your compute, networking, and storage together under the single control of an hyperconverged infrastructure is now cost-effectively and easily within your reach, no matter the size of your business.

Available via a flexible OPEX model, ThinkAgile VX as a Service also comes as a choice of four preconfigured workload bundles including Entry Hybrid, which has been developed with entry level businesses specifically in mind.

Improve IT responsiveness and lower operational costs

A VMware vSan-based hyperconverged infrastructure, Lenovo’s ThinkAgile VX Service delivers the agile and scalable platform your organization needs to support modern application development and roll out cloud services.

Businesses running HCI solutions with VMware virtualization are experiencing a 40% time reduction for firmware updates, plus a 259% return on investment1 and a 47% reduction in TCO.2

  1. Davison, Dean and Mark Lauritano. The Total Economic Impact of VMware vSAN. Forrester. September 2019.
  2. Compass Partners. VMware HCI Applications Study. September 2020.

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